New Presentation Skills Program for Leaders

There is no ceiling on the communication skills leaders need. No matter how good you are, better is always better. No matter what your position, more skills for communicating in various situations will make you a better leader. Still some communication skills become critical at different levels of leadership responsibility.

Regrettably, most people enter management with little formal education in the communication disciplines, and fewer still find time in their busy schedules fill those gaps in their training. This is one the reason why “communication problems” is identified as one of the root causes of virtually every assessment of organizational dysfunction.

Because Credo is committed to helping its clients build healthy and production teams, we offer several workshops that help leaders strengthen their communication and the organization. Each of these programs is designed to maximize three things:

  1. The Leader’s Time
    We use online and distance tools as well as classroom learning methods to maximize learning and your investment in training.
  2. Practical Experience
    Experience, combined with feedback, is the best teacher. Our programs include learning assignments that begin before the in-person workshops and continue afterwards as well. This allows participants to practice communication skills in real-life scenario during workshops, and to ensure that participants are focused on improving their skills before and afterwards.
  3. Feedback
    Participants give and get feedback from each other as well as our coach-facilitators during skill building exercises.

Present, Persuade, Perform: Presentation Skills for Leaders

Check out our new program for leaders: Present, Persuade, Perform: Presentation Skills for Leaders.


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