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Running Into Angry Arms

Have you noticed that the presidential race is fueled by anger? Tuesday was primary election day in Maryland, and I voted for a losing candidate. He isn’t angry about the right things for enough people. People of all stripes feel … Continue reading

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On Appreciation and Engagement

I have an enviable job; I get to help leaders figure out how to create productive, prosperous workplaces. Yesterday, Amanda Gianotti of Allogram Inc., and I spoke with the Women in Business at the Hunt Valley Business Forum. Our topic … Continue reading

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Is Employee Appreciation Day Coming Up?

Christmas and the end of the fiscal year are fast approaching. That has a lot of people thinking about “employee appreciation.” Visions of parties, bonuses, promotions and sugar plum fairies are dancing through senior managers’ heads. Parties can be a lot … Continue reading

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Grow Wisdom, Organically

Formal succession planning and talent development programs often produce disappointing results. The wisdom, creativity, and collaborative skills business needs are grown organically through work processes and through natural social processes. Sadly, those organic and social processes are often suppressed by job design and bureaucracy. Read about six easy ways to make organic growth happen on your team. Continue reading

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Millennials Are Bums, So What?

So What?

So what if Millennials need more feedback than their predecessors?

That’s how people learn.

The dearth of feedback from leaders is the main reason why employees and results stagnate. If prior generations sought and gave less of it, perhaps it was because they were less savvy learners and more fearful about looking stupid than their younger counterparts.

So what if Millennials think it is crazy to be tied to a cubicle… Continue reading

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If I Can’t Be Divergent, I’ll be Candor

Last weekend I went to see Divergent, a movie based on a trilogy written by Veronica Roth.  Most of us read the series and were eager to be disappointed because, well, the movie is never as good as the book. … Continue reading

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