Relational Intelligence for Collaboration

Today’s work environment requires constant communication, collaboration, and adaptability to diverse people and changing situations. Creative problem solving and productivity rely on each individual’s capacity to communicate and relate with others. That means everyone needs insight into the invisible forces that drive their customers and colleagues. 

Our Relational Intelligence for Collaboration programs build on the foundation SDI 2.0 assessment and the Core Competency program to help professionals:

  • gain insights into the Motivational Value Systems behind perspectives, choices, and behavior.
  • understand how they can unwittingly trigger conflict with others.
  • clarify the Personal Strengths that make them effective.
  • discover how strengths can backfire and hinder the effectiveness.
  • learn strategies for influencing and collaborating on diverse teams.
  • adapt their strategies for communicating and influencing diverse people.

Credo Consulting is a Core Strengths Partner because we believe that healthy effective relationships are foundational to both personal thriving and organizational effectiveness.  We have worked with the Core Strength Team for over 20 years because their scientifically sound tools produce powerful learning for our clients.

We customize each program to our customer’s needs, whether they are interested in building more collaborative teams or improving customer sales and service tactics. 

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