Credo Consulting

Credo Consulting is a leadership and organizational development firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. We offer coaching, consulting, and  training services that help you compete better in the marketplace for customers and talent. All of our programs and services are rooted in both our values and in what the social sciences reveal about people, teams, and organizations.

Business is Personal

Business is a very personal enterprise. Personal achievement is central to individual, organizational, and societal health. At Credo, we believe that:

  • People really can and should enjoy working.
  • Purpose in work motivates people to give their best.
  • Productivity expands when managers engage talent, build effective processes, and lead people honorably.

Courageous Leadership

Orchestrating people, purpose and productivity in teams is the challenge of leadership. Credo works alongside leaders to help them build healthy teams and productive workplaces.  Our services focus on renewing:

People Purpose Productivity
Common wisdom that people shouldn’t “take work personally” isn’t very wise at all. Organizations and people thrive when they have absolute clarity of purpose and align themselves to it. Performance improves when organizations exercise strong management and courageous leadership.

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