Credo Consulting

Credo Consulting provides coaching, consulting and training services that help leaders build special workplaces – where employees thrive, customers are wowed, and strategic goals fulfilled. We are convinced that wowing customers and fulfilling strategic goals starts by creating an engaging environment where people can thrive.

We use our expertise in motivation, engagement, team dynamics, and organization development to help leaders hone their skills and to build healthy and productive teams.

Healthy Teams

Healthy teams come in many varieties. Still, they tend to share a few common characteristics. Team members:

  • are drawn together by a clear and compelling purpose.
  • agree to be mutually accountable to one another.
  • appreciate and leverage one another talents.

Most of all, healthy teams are marked by trusting relationships, which enable virtually every team process, including: communication, planning, coordination, problem solving, accountability, innovation, and improvement.

We work with individual leaders, functional teams, and leadership teams to build healthy-trusting environments that give rise to key outcomes in productivity, quality, and innovation.

Credo Communication

At Credo, we know that communication is both the fuel and by-product of trust. So we make communication the focus of our work with teams and leaders.  In fact, we esteem communication so highly that we make truthful, compassionate and candid communication the center-piece of our work. It is part of our creed.

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