One of the distinguishing hallmarks of leaders, and all who excel, is that they are learners.  Leaders continually seek-out opportunities to learn about themselves, about others, and about their world.  Importantly, the failure to learn and resistance to feedback have been consistently identified as fatal flaws of those who wish to lead. This page contains links to some of the learning resources that we have used over the years including:

  • Assessment Tools: Here you will find information on the assessments we often use to give our clients feedback about themselves, their teams and about job candidates. We have found these feedback tools to invaluable for leaders who want to improve themselves.
  • Learning Resources: Here you will find references and links to books, articles, podcasts, videos, tools other learning resources that we believe are valuable to for leaders.
  • Team Tools: Here you will find forms and guides for developing and engaging people, clarifying direction and purpose, and improving productivity.