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Running Into Angry Arms

Have you noticed that the presidential race is fueled by anger? Tuesday was primary election day in Maryland, and I voted for a losing candidate. He isn’t angry about the right things for enough people. People of all stripes feel … Continue reading

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If I Can’t Be Divergent, I’ll be Candor

Last weekend I went to see Divergent, a movie based on a trilogy written by Veronica Roth.  Most of us read the series and were eager to be disappointed because, well, the movie is never as good as the book. … Continue reading

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A Formula for Courage

A Formula for Courage I recently read Breaking the Fear Barrier by Tom Rieiger of Gallup Consulting.  In it, he makes the case that parochialism, territorialism, and bureaucracy grow from fear.  Managers fear losing the ability to control their outcomes … Continue reading

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Feedback, The Breakfast of Champions

The other night I watched two teenage sisters shine. They shined so brightly that their audience beamed with pride at their character and accomplishment. The girls volunteered to make a presentation and be coached in front of roughly fifty adults … Continue reading

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What is Common Sense Anyway?

It’s common sense, anyone can do it.
That’s what the mechanic told me when I asked him what special skills it took to keep a 40-yard long bohemeth of a machine running. Simply put, I didn’t believe him. I knew that he had smarts that many many other people didn’t have. (And I knew that I was among the have nots.) Now I know that he was more right than I realized, and I am making video training programs on what I have learned.

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A Six Million Dollar Employee

What would you do if you lost both your legs? Bounce Back When teenage rock climbing phenom Hug Herr lost his legs in 1982, he used the “tragedy” as a spring board into an exceptional life. In 1982 Herr was … Continue reading

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