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New Presentation Skills Program for Leaders

There is no ceiling on the communication skills leaders need. No matter how good you are, better is always better. No matter what your position, more skills for communicating in various situations will make you a better leader. Still some … Continue reading

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On Appreciation and Engagement

I have an enviable job; I get to help leaders figure out how to create productive, prosperous workplaces. Yesterday, Amanda Gianotti of Allogram Inc., and I spoke with the Women in Business at the Hunt Valley Business Forum. Our topic … Continue reading

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If I Can’t Be Divergent, I’ll be Candor

Last weekend I went to see Divergent, a movie based on a trilogy written by Veronica Roth.  Most of us read the series and were eager to be disappointed because, well, the movie is never as good as the book. … Continue reading

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Three Things Managers Say… but leaders don’t

I believe what people say. More than that, I believe the attitudes they express knowingly or unknowingly. When I enter an organization, I pay close attention to what managers say, and I have learned some of the telltale messages of … Continue reading

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Do You Know What Obama Knows?

In Maryland, it is easy to get an education by reading the bumper stickers on your fellow travelers’ cars. Recently I was struck by the leadership lessons offered by President Obama’s campaign messages pasted on the back of every third … Continue reading

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Dancing with a Bear

Stepping on Toes The giant man rose to his feet displaying his 6’8”, 400-pound frame, reached for his coat as if ready to walk out, and asked me “Do you want to know what I think of that?” We had … Continue reading

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