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On Appreciation and Engagement

I have an enviable job; I get to help leaders figure out how to create productive, prosperous workplaces. Yesterday, Amanda Gianotti of Allogram Inc., and I spoke with the Women in Business at the Hunt Valley Business Forum. Our topic … Continue reading

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The Campaign for Accountability in Healthcare

Johns Hopkins’ physician Marty Makary is campaigning to make healthcare safer – and cheaper – by publishing healthcare outcomes for all to see. His new book, Unaccountable, is sure to be a clarion call for true healthcare reform – as … Continue reading

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Failure Management, Sick Care, and Ray Lewis

Too often, physician leaders (and others) use the sick care model when it comes to performance management. They expect high performance but don’t do the work to create it. It’s like the old medical model that expected health by virtue of treating disease. These days doctors are starting to focus on creating health through lifestyle choices – eating right, exercising, and avoiding exposure to health risks. In the same way, high performance doesn’t just happen. It is created. Continue reading

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Where Can a Doctor Still be a Healthcare Professional?

Physicians face increasing pressure to sell services and churn patients – partly to pay off their loans for medical school, partly to pay for malpractice insurance, partly to cover their administrative overhead, and partly to earn the financial rewards of … Continue reading

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