Work is personal. Common wisdom that people shouldn’t “take it personally” isn’t very wise at all. People are created to work. Whether we work in an office, a school, a home, a theater, a shop, or a studio, we work to fulfill our natural, God-given, drive for productivity, achievement, creativity, and purpose.

Some organizations want people to check their “personal side” at the door and put on their professional self for the work day. But at the same time, they want people to devote their full energy, passion, and concentration to the job—beyond the 40 hours for which they are paid. These dual expectations routinely clash.

No matter how “professional” the setting, people work to express these deep, core needs. Nothing should stop people from being personal at work! True wisdom then tells us not only to respect individuality, but also to build organizations that promote and direct self-expression in ways that advance the organization’s goals. And that is easier said than done. It takes commitment, courage, and wisdom to know who to hire, how to integrate them on a team, and engage them emotionally and intellectually over their career.

We help you make wise decisions and fully engage your teams’ passion for meaningful work.

Credo Councils

Credo Councils operate as peer advisory boards providing the feedback, support, and guidance that small business owners want and need. They provide a solution to the problem of leader isolation and provide and provide an ideal environment for:

  • thinking creatively about your business challenges,
  • learning from other wise executives,
  • vetting plans confidentially, and
  • dealing with sensitive leadership issues.

Talents Assessments

The Perfect Match

Personality and behavioral assessments help leaders and prospective employees assess the fit of a person’s personality, motivations, goals, and experience with different roles in the organization. This ensures that people are in roles that can best utilize their talents and capabilities. We partner with affiliates Wellspring Advantage using Harrison Assessments for most assessment projects.

360˚ Surveys

A Three-Way Mirror

Learning how others perceive you can help improve your effectiveness. Credo often uses 360˚ surveys, along with talent assessments as part of a coaching program. We also include them in leadership development programs to help leaders develop the self-awareness needed to master their natural talents and turn them into towering strengths.

Conflict Resolution

Reduce the Friction

Disagreement is both a natural and necessary part of life in and outside of the workplace. Conflict arises whenever a person believes someone is an obstacle to a goal. When emotions are involved, which is almost always, conflict can become personally and organizationally harmful. Our conflict resolution services help individuals and teams work through their real and perceived conflict, restore relationships, and find productive solutions to the conflict.


Getting Better Faster

Our interactive training programs provide the opportunity to reflect on job challenges, adopt new perspectives on them, and develop skills for overcoming them. We focus on self-awareness, getting perspective on dilemmas, and improved effectiveness.