Consulting Services

We all have limited time, energy, and talents. Wise leaders find trustworthy partners to help them solve problems and meet their goals. Credo partners with leaders and team to solve workplace problems and overcome their challenges.

Group Facilitation

Stay on Track
Because few business decisions are implemented without the input of others, meetings are a near certainty. But often they bog down resulting in conflict, confusion, and disengagement. An outside facilitator can help take the frustration out of meetings and manage the process so it actually accomplishes the group’s goals. If the stakes are high, bringing in a skilled facilitator is inexpensive insurance.

Leadership Retreats

Withdraw and Renew
There is nothing like time away from the office to refocus and renew leaders. In the office, leaders move quickly from fire to fire without time for reflection. As a result it’s difficult to address the important in light of the urgent. We facilitate retreats that reduce stress and renew a sense of common purpose, direction, and unity.

Organization Assessments & Employee Surveys

Discover the Truth
Leaders need to know exactly what’s going on in the organization, but candid feedback is often difficult to obtain when moving at the pace of business. Employee surveys help leaders discover if conditions are really promoting employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity. Credo Consulting builds employee surveys by combining client specifications with social science research on employee attitudes, behavior, and effectiveness.

Performance Improvement

Unifying People, Purpose, and Productivity
We offer a unified approach to performance improvement as a function of leadership at every level in the organization. We apply the tools and approaches developed over the last 20 years of organizational development consulting. Our consultants have certifications in Six Sigma, ISO, and Human Performance Improvement.

Performance Measurement

Empowered for Success
Performance measures tell people exactly what they must accomplish to excel. Only one thing rivals success as a motivator—a meaningful purpose. For executives looking to unite battling leaders, there is nothing more powerful than a shared goal defined by a clear performance metric.

Strategic Planning

Alignment Around Mission and Vision
The goal of strategic planning is to align around strategies for executing your mission (purpose) and vision. Personal and philosophical divisions are barriers to alignment. Unless they are resolved, strategic planning exercises are not only wasted, they may cause more harm than good.

Credo Consulting helps leadership teams

  • constructively confront their personal and organizational divides and
  • determine if strategies will truly support the mission and vision

Team Development

Have Fun Getting Unified
Some managers look to team building to when productivity flags or relationships are strained. Whether it’s a stress-relieving game or a role-clarification activity, our exercises are designed to diagnose and intervene so you stay productive.

Transition Workshops

The Transition Workshop is a way to help leaders and their teams quickly adjust to organizational changes such as new leadership, team responsibilities, policies/procedures, or a new business vision.  The workshop typically lasts one-half to one day in length and engages leaders and their teams in how to reach and sustain success in the new work environment.

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