Transition Workshop

The Transition Workshop is a way to help leaders and their teams quickly adjust to organizational changes such as new leadership, team responsibilities, policies/procedures, or a new business vision.  The workshop typically lasts one-half to one day in length and engages leaders and their teams in how to reach and sustain success in the new work environment.

Why do it?

Typically, organizations spend months in the discovery process about any change in the status quo.  Leaders and employees have many unanswered questions about what is expected, how things work, what are the priorities, what practices are accepted and/or comfortable, what people value, what will be different, and many other issues.  These questions get answered through trial and error over time, but normally cause lots of frustration, rework, anxiety, and false starts.

The Transition Workshop allows the team to get all their questions about how they will work together on the table and answered in one day rather than several months.  This allows the team to operate at a higher level of effectiveness much sooner than would normally occur.

The precise goals of a Transition Workshop vary depending on the needs of the team.  Examples of goals that teams have articulated for their workshops are:

  • Get to know one another better.
  • Identify and prioritize key issues facing the team.
  • Learn about the leader’s philosophy and expectations.
  • Share concerns with the leader.
  • Clarify roles of team members.
  • Identify how the team will integrate a new procedure or policy.
  • Develop a strategy for reaching team goals.