Coaching helps professionals handle a variety of job and life challenges in a very personal and powerful way.  Our clients seek coaches for a variety of purpose, such as to:

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Facilitate a career or life transition
  • Boost the new employee’s onboarding process
  • A central aim of our coaching is to help people develop stronger self-mastery of their internal world as well as the external social world. Because self-awareness is essential for mastery, we often use assessments and surveys as part of our coaching.

    Leadership Coaching

    We believe that personal clarity is essential for leading with integrity, authenticity, and power. Consequently, we help leaders reflect on their values, talents, relationships, and influence strategies. With the perspective and clarity in these areas, leaders are able to stabilize their core and strengthen their influence.

    Some organizations ground leadership coaching in competency models to help leaders become more effective in their culture. Credo’s expertise enables us to adapt to any leadership model and to help leaders at all levels of experience.

    Onboarding Coaching

    Onboarding coaching helps new employees adjust to their new job environment and ramp-up to full productivity as quickly as possible.  No matter how perfect the fit, you need to adjust to the expectations of colleagues, customers, and leaders.  Onboarding coaching helps you make those and other adjustments more easily and smoothly.

    No matter why you come to coaching, Credo Coaches commit to helping you:

    • identify and leverage your inherent talents.
    • confront those things that hold you back.
    • move forward to accomplish your goals.