I’m Losing Money, Now What?

For most of us, revenue is in the tank and we don’t know what is coming.  So, we are certain that our economic situation is bleak and uncertain about everything else. That is leaving a lot of people dancing awkwardly on the verge of panic.

Does that sound about right to you?

It does is if your business mission is to make money. If that is your school of thought, then you can stop reading now.

It Sounds All Wrong To Me

If your mission is to serve, to deliver an experience, to provide some benefit, then there is so much more for you.

Get Perspective

At some point in the not too distant future, the COVID-19 crisis will pass. Two world wars had their grips on the country, depressions and recessions brought us down, and social revolutions have turned us upside down. They passed. business, community, families, and friendships have endured.

Focus On Your Mission  

There is a reason we call it MISSION

Now is not the time to focus on money; it is time to focus on your mission. If your mission is to serve, then serve. If your mission is to advise, then advise. If your mission is to keep people productive (that’s you IT people), then keep people productive. And do it for as long as you possibly and responsibly can. That is why your business exists.  

Your Mission is your Future

Your mission is your purpose. It’s your reason for being. If you really believe in your mission, then you have to pursue it. Persevere.

Mission Motivates

Continue to remind yourself and your employees of your purpose. It will renew your sense of meaningfulness and give you the energy to face your challenges. Few, if any, things motivate better than a sense of purpose.

Mission Drives Innovation

Once you grab hold of your mission, you can innovate new ways of moving forward.  Let the challenges of today stimulate your creativity and problem-solving skills.  Your delivery channels, revenue models, and work methods are just the way you have pursued your mission in the past.  Imagine other ways; experiment; take risks. That is how you will learn forward.

Mission Focus Builds Loyalty

When this is all over, your customers and your employees will remember what you did for them. They will understand that you are “in-it” for a greater purpose and bond with you because of it.

My mission is to help leaders build healthy, productive workplaces.  To renew people, purpose, and productivity in the world of work.  And that is what I intend to do.

Call us if you need some help. It’s our mission to help you, and we are darn good at it.

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