Credo Councils

A Higher Calling

Some of our clients are searching for ways to build exceptional businesses that serve a higher calling. Within the faith community, Christian leaders are awakening to the reality that we aren’t given separate spiritual, personal, and work lives. Rather we are given one life with many realms in which to fulfill the calling that God has given us. Family life and work-life are parts of the same journey—following Jesus and seeking to do His will.

Credo Council: Christian Executive Peer Advisory Support

Credo Councils help Christian business executives lead integrated lives and experience success, defined as living out God’s purposes in their family, work, and other ministries.

Peer Support & Leadership Tools

Credo Councils give C-suite leaders the support, tools, and relationships they need to build exceptional businesses while integrating their faith and expanding their Kingdom impact.

Coaching & Consulting

In addition to the advice and support from other executives, members receive monthly coaching to support their ongoing achievement. Consulting services are also available as needed.

How do they work?
Member executives (counselors) meet as a group eleven times per year. Additionally, each member meets with their coach-facilitator for coaching, accountability, and support on a monthly basis.  Every Credo Council operates a bit differently based on the composition of the group and its members’ needs.  The Core Commitments of Credo’s Councils are:

  • Limited Size: Each group has from 8 – 12 leaders from non-competing businesses.
  • Commitment:  Members commit to “showing up” for each of the eleven meetings during the year.
  • Truthful Discussions: Members discuss their business issues fully and honestly, and they expect honest and respectful feedback in return.
  • Confidentiality: Plain and simple, members maintain complete confidentiality regarding their contents of the council discussions.
  • Integrity: Members support each other in living and in running their businesses honorably.
  • Life Integration: Members help each other deal with the challenges leaders face in life and in business.
  • Results: We guarantee results and earn our full fee only if we earn it.

For more information, contact Michael Boyes at / (443) 275-8570.