Credo Conversations: Mastering Conversations Others Avoid

Individuals, leaders, and organizations all rise and fall based on the conversations they have – and those they don’t have. People who communicate effectively in awkward and threatening situations distinguish themselves from others not only relationally but also through their accomplishments. They find ways to “say no,” confront poor behavior, disagree, and discuss frustrations without destroying relationships. They have what we call Credo Conversations.

Credo Communications are those in which:

  • important truth is spoken
  • belief in the other person is clearly expressed
  • the relationship is advanced, and
  • there is positive movement forward.

In this program participants will:

  • Identify unproductive thinking patterns and approaches to difficult conversations and replace them with positive and productive patterns and approaches.
  • Replace egocentric attitudes with open, inclusive, learning attitudes towards others when faced with disagreement and conflict.
  • Practice simple, proven strategies for entering and working through “hard to have conversations” and conflict situations.