Breakout Team Building


team-of-workersAre communication and collaboration essential for your team? How about problem-solving under pressure?

Breakout Team Building challenges your team’s wits and collaborative skills to solve a mystery and escape from “danger.” When you escape, or time expires, we will debrief the experience with you and see what lessons we can decipher about high-performance teaming. But we don’t stop there!

One Breakout challenge is never enough, so we will give you another totally new challenge and watch you put your new skills to work.!

Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork, and Problem Solving are the most sought-after skills in the 21st-century economy. Let us help you take your team to a higher level!

Breakout Team Building is a collaboration with Breakout.

Breakout delivers live experiential games where colleagues figure out how to escape a room before the clock runs out. Each escape scenario calls on your ability to solve problems, communicate and work as a team.