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Not the Creative Type? How Then Will You keep Up?

Oh no, not me; I’m not really the creative type. I meet people who say they aren’t that sort of person – you know the “creative type,” and I get concerned for them. As I look around, I see that … Continue reading

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Grow Wisdom, Organically

Formal succession planning and talent development programs often produce disappointing results. The wisdom, creativity, and collaborative skills business needs are grown organically through work processes and through natural social processes. Sadly, those organic and social processes are often suppressed by job design and bureaucracy. Read about six easy ways to make organic growth happen on your team. Continue reading

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What is Common Sense Anyway?

It’s common sense, anyone can do it.
That’s what the mechanic told me when I asked him what special skills it took to keep a 40-yard long bohemeth of a machine running. Simply put, I didn’t believe him. I knew that he had smarts that many many other people didn’t have. (And I knew that I was among the have nots.) Now I know that he was more right than I realized, and I am making video training programs on what I have learned.

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